eliminates bias.

A recent trend in recruitment is the “blind resume” - reviewing resumes without names, in the hopes that implicit bias will be reduced and more diverse candidates will make it to the interview round.

At Crumple, we are taking the blind resume a step (actually, all the steps) further. As career-long recruiters, we know that bias goes beyond names.





We’ve seen candidates be overlooked based on every single part of their resume: 

current title

years of experience

current company

length of time
at employer

resume gaps


skill not listed

degree type

resume format

the audacity
to include an interests section

Hiring without a resume isn't new. Founders and executives have built their leadership team with friends and referrals since the beginning of time.

Building a leadership team without resumes is exactly why company boards and executive tables have been overwhelmed predominately by white men for so long. 

Changing how you review resumes isn’t going to change this dynamic.



isn't new.

a resume

...Ditching the resume and meeting the leader will.