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I'm looking for a great candidate

PROBLEM: I recognize the value of a diverse leadership team, but am struggling to find diverse talent.

SOLUTION: The most common tools for finding talent don't focus on diversity; those that do feature early-career individuals. Crumple features only diverse talent at the leadership level, so you can be sure you're accessing a diverse talent pool.

PROBLEM: The only leadership candidates I find who match my needs are not diverse.

SOLUTION: When focusing on matching candidate resumes to job requirements, employers inadvertently discount diverse candidates. Crumple removes this unconscious bias by presenting candidates in a conversational way, removing the parameters of a traditional resume.

PROBLEM: My company has limited resources to invest in finding diverse talent.

SOLUTION: There is no fee to browse or even meet the candidates on our site. If you hire someone from Crumple, our fee is 15% of first year's base salary. This is a fraction of the cost of a job board contract or search firm engagement.

PROBLEM: Diverse candidates just don't seem to be interested in my company or opportunity.

SOLUTION: Crumple empowers our candidates to lay out all of their accomplishments and must-haves up front, eliminating the barriers that typically prevent them from raising their hands for new opportunities.

I'm looking for a great company

PROBLEM: I don't love my current job, but there are certain perks I'm afraid I'd lose if I went somewhere else.

SOLUTION: Crumple enables you to lay it all out, letting  prospective employers know what's important to you. Take a run every day during lunch? Need to leave at 3pm on Wednesdays? Add it to your one-pager. You'd be surprised how many employers will be flexible on the things you're staying put (and unhappy) for. 

PROBLEM: I get spammed with Recruiter InMails on LinkedIn and can't navigate the good opportunities from the bad ones.

SOLUTION: We've got you. When a company reaches out to us to meet you, we'll gather details on the position and give you our insights into the employer. 

PROBLEM: This is cool and all, but I like my resume.

SOLUTION: As we say on our why only leaders page, Crumple isn't anti-resume. The reality is, you will probably still need a resume at some point during the interview process. Crumple is a way to meet companies in a more conversational way; you'll get a chance to show off that awesome resume later on.

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