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lays it all out. 

The purpose of a

job posting

is to outline 

what an employer needs.

The purpose of a


is to determine if a candidate is

what an employer needs.

        Traditional recruiting methods source for candidates based upon

what an employer needs.

so what about what the candidate needs?

By ditching the resume, Crumple lets candidates outline not only what makes them awesome, but what they would need to make a move:

Titles they would consider

Their must-haves

Their nice-to-haves

Compensation requirements

why is this important?

We know that women are often reluctant to raise their hands for a new opportunity unless the grass is significantly greener and they are 100% confident they are the best person to mow it. 

Crumple solves this problem by giving women the opportunity to be upfront about what is important to them and what they have to offer without the parameters of a resume. Employers are provided with the type of details that are often not brought up until a few interviews in, and gives them the opportunity to “meet” candidates through first-person narratives that are more similar to a networking conversation than a resume review.

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